I'm Still Enjoying It

FS Review
Authored by Elisha Oluyemi
I collapsed in a strange fit of good mood yesterday, and I was, for a couple of hours, reading aloud my short stories—published and unpublished—while nodding to the low rhythm steaming from Blackpink's How You Like That!

I couldn't imagine how pleasurable the feeling was. How enjoyable! You know, I wrote them myself . . . from my complex mind.

Just like many writers of fiction, one of many reasons I write is because I believe I've got unique content—one no one has ever thought of, or rather, ever written. Thus, my writings are peculiar and worthy of being pleasurable.

Yesterday never was a day to self-criticise or edit my works; it was a day to enjoy my creations. You know; I'm like a god, fashioning constructs diverse. I create, I kill, I rule my world. It can never be less rapturous when considered from this perspective.

As writers, we should take a break from the stress associated with our writing lives, and sit back to revel in our results.

We should try being abstracted from our 'content' worries and sway to the tune our words play.

We all write to entertain after all. Why not entertain ourselves?

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