When Your Best Is Ugly

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by Elisha Oluyemi

Imperfection remains an inherent trait of man, and it reflects in diverse areas of his interest. 

Sometimes it's realised through a personal perspective, sometimes through some outsider's assessment. 

In many cases, what a certain outsider tag perfect is condemned by another. And one is left questioning the real nature of their results.

You stumble on a story idea and begin to piece things together. You spend hours or days or weeks or months or even years trying to make it appeal as perfect. 

Now all of that's done. Completed. Your chin up, shoulder high, you present it to the world hoping to get some thumbs up, but then the reviews begin to stream in. 

They aren't what you anticipated, rather they are torrents of bladed, spiky remarks, tearing at your efforts, goring your view of self.

You sink into your chair, bed, whatever. Deep creases jab at your face. "I'm no good after all," you say, looking so pained. "My efforts, my time, my experiences, everything . . . they're all to no good!" Then you sob and beat yourself and . . . maybe consider pleasing your demons or . . . maybe decide to wave it off and press on.

If you decide on the latter, you sure are in for good. 

The fact is the world—this damn world—expects too much from you. 

But can you give more than you've got? 

Oh, Writers! 

There are times you come up with awesome contents and the world's like kissing your feet: you see the thumbs-ups almost poking your face; the hailing and applause are got no measure either.

But also there are times—blue, gloomy times—when your content is as redundant as a cliche. As for that, you know what follows.

Now that should never announce your resignation.

Even exceptional leaders rack up bad ratings at some point in time, at some naturally unfavourable season.

World best sportspersons, though universally accoladed, are bound to exhibit flaws at some point.

It doesn't play down their positive significance. It doesn't erode their abilities. 

You see, that moment of weakness is just a passing wind. And it shakes the feeble-minded. And it's capable of hurling one against the rocks.

It all depends on your attitude—your immediate response.


If the reviews are stabbing, it doesn't play down your ability. 




When your best seems ugly, get her some cosmetics. And you're good to go!

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