Love With An Alien || by Olabanji Aliu


THE TEAR GAS SMOKED US OUT of our home that beautiful summer morning.

“I thought your government should have given up by now!” he shouted as he carried our daughter in his large, hairy arms.

We dashed across the alley, globules of grey blobbing out of his green body. He sneezed, slowed down and almost crashed to the ground as we reached an open field. 

“What's wrong?” I asked catching his shoulder. He was fading into a lighter shade of green, and his arms were losing their hairs. “But your body don't react to our chemicals?”

“You know— we have been together for long," he said with a growl, breaths rasping out. "Your DNA mixing with mine has weakened my immunity.”

Siren razed the fields this instant, causing him to jerk upright, like he'd regained all strength.

“What are we going to do,” I asked fidgeting as I retrieved Solade from him.

He shot a lingering glance at my feet. “It's time to go."

“Go?" Like I didn't hear that clearly. "Why would you…?"

We stood gazing into each other's eyes for a moment. The globules were drying up and becoming patches. His fragrance wafted around me and I crumpled my face. How would I live on without it—

“I have to go, Timi," he growled again, grabbing my shoulders and flitting a glare at the armed men from the Alien Control Corps who were now rushing down a van.

They trooped round about the fields, one of them blaring into the speaker  “Put your hands in—”

One last gaze at me pumped anxiety in me, but he pressed a finger to his temple. "I'll come back," he cried, brows knitted tight. And in a flash, he bolted up into the skies, towards a ship molding out of the clouds.


OLABANJI ALIU is a creative fiction writer who grew up in the beautiful city of Akure, Nigeria. He is a passionate reader who began writing at an early age. He enjoys watching movies, mostly thrillers and horrors. His stories have been published in literary magazines like Fiery Scribe Review and his flash fiction, The Duel, was the editor's choice in the latest issue of Writer Space Africa.

He is a student at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University and he is currently working on his first novel.

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