The Torchbearer || by Sandra Meribe

“You must keep the legacy!” Jared's mother's words tugged at his mind.

In the heat of day, Jared squinted a glance across the crowd watching the contest earnestly, waving and chanting their cheers.

He pulled the reins, and his horse, Jack, galloped on, against his rival, Enid, ready to attack.

His left hand clung to the reins, and his right hand held the magnifying force. His staff of power. But just then... 

His brows knitted a frown. Jack wasn't moving. It wasn't charging on like before. It eased slowly to a crouch, eyes shut as though in prayers.

Jared pulled at the reins. Darn! What power is he summoning? He tapped the horse but it remained immobile. 

If this went on would he be able to keep the family's legacy of being the village's protector—The Torchbearer? Would he lose to Enid, the new talent? No! He hurled a stunning force at a calm Enid, wrapping him in a blanket of flaming energy. Jack shook itself up, stomping a forelimb onto the dust.

Thick smoke replaced the flames, then the flames gave way to a flurry of sparkles. Jack pulled back beneath his master, Jared, causing him to flicker a brow.

The sparkle faded away this instant in a halo of fog. Jared crinkled his nose, eyes bulging. Clasped in Enid's palm was the divine Torch. Now the battle no long mattered. The gods had chosen the bearer of the Torch. The legacy had changed.

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SANDRA MERIBE is a writer, born and raised in Delta State, Nigeria. She is an undergraduate student of Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State. She loves education and aspires to impact knowledge.

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