Three Poems || by Akinola Amina

Flawless Morning

I began this poem with
A flash of memory,
Stressing the cries of yesterday's laceration.
The breeze roars,
I walk this poem to the sunflowers
Picking natures of high fragrance
A dance of sweet art. 
The poem met with the evening at the shore,
& Watching the tide of the river contents
My memories became a lover of diazepam
The sea is only a memory for gulls.


Halos in the Dark

After the storm went to God,
A silhouette was born
With a girl in simple harmonic motion.
Flexing her muscle and ribs like a survival of 
raining bullets
With fingers in colourful track 
Beneath the curves of her lashes.
Two dazzling dots beneath her eyes,
A new spring came to life 
Halos in the dark.


Ode to My Lover 

On the road to South,
I feel running splash of honey in my heart 
And my cheeks become a glittering marble.
I see myself as a song with long lyrics
& Hymns of majical raindrops,
Love sit in the peak of your brows,
Clothed with your hazel eyes and 
Roofed under the shining pigment of your heart. 
I see you as the master of my mind,
A sacred city you are 
Jerusalem himself.
A poem without you is a choked word .

Image Credit: © Unsplash


AKINOLA AMINA is a poet and a lover of art. Her works have appeared in The Shallow Tales Review, Kalahari Review, Ngiga Review and other literary magazines. Her poem was shortlisted for The Arise Africa writers contest 2020. She writes from Lagos, Nigeria.


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