Screwed || by Felix Eshiet


“Fast and hard or slow and gentle.” That was the sentence he whispered into my ears and it re-echoed in my head.  My head spun but I had had no liquor; the sticky odourless fluid he spilled on my thigh that night had probably got me drunk. 

“Whoever said you’ll get pregnant at first attempt is a liar,” he murmured, his robust hand pulling down my blue sarong skirt, his face buried under my peplum top, right in between my thighs. I couldn't fight back. My head was blown, the pleasure brimmed my soul. Every thrust and withdrawal made me curse who whoever said sex at fifteen was a taboo. He chorused his love for me and I could bet my life that he meant it.


“Young woman! My son left this country for Germany last month and I have no idea what you're talking about. You want me to call the police?” Those were the words of his father when mom confronted him with the coloured paper Dr. Udoh gave her. 

Dad said I'm a disgrace and mom said I had lost my dignity and pride as a woman. 

“But the General's son said he loved me," I kept screaming till my voice faded in stifled sobs.


FELIX ESHIET is a writer, mesmerized with deathblows, kicks and jabs—action thrillers and short crime fiction.
He weaves crime tales set in Nigeria, West Africa; his stories are fledged with characters with Nigerian blood rippling beneath their tubes. On good days, he plays hit-and-run with other subgenres, ranging from Young Adult, Historical, Sci-fi and romance sub-genres. He believes in the Nigerian artistic heritage and shares in the luxe through his works.
Felix writes from Southern Nigeria. If he’s not writing, he’d be reading crime blockbusters and bestsellers.

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  1. This was every shade of Amazing. I mean, from the sexual passion that felt so real to the commotion at the end.

    Weldone Felix.

    1. Thank you so much @thejohnie. I appreciate your kind review

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