Two Poems || by LaTrevyon Davidson


Perfect Insecurities

Digress beautiful lady,

Consumed by insecurity

Blinded by media 

Don’t fall to obscurity 

The physical barrier 

More pleasure more merrier

The temptation and sensations

Will become obsolete 

See true beauty Is what slumbers

good like a beast

Ironic beauty is reflective

That’s why it’s deep


Wages Of Lust

Lust lingers in the eyes,

forms a pact with the mind.

Infatuation lingers in a kiss,

Summarized as bliss.

Reminiscing on the withered roots,

It had, everything it needed,

But it didn't bear fruit.

Even with a conscious mind

Mistaken eyes can't see the truth.

Now that lack of motivation. 

You run but still facing, 

Aroma filled vacation.

While your dreams are placating.

Image Credit: ©Hellen Keeru


LATREVYON DAVIDSON is a 20 year-old aspiring network engineer that writes poetry to combat anxiety.

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