Asunder || by David Kokumo


dear grief,
I didn't leave you at the docks
because I forgot you
I didn't walk with scraggy legs 
mile by mile away
I didn't look back and see you 
aloof, as a dirge–alone

dear grief,
I wanted you to stay there
Far away from me
I wanted you to sit by the docks
feel detached, as it were
I wanted you to forget what it meant
to have a body you call home

but dear grief,
Clueless wanderer,
I see you sauntering
Finding what's never lost
Home is a happy place, grief.
Go back to the docks
Wait there again

Like you did when I found you homeless.

Image Credit: ©Carlie Williams Art


DAVID KOKUMO writes (with the pseudonym Mir_Koks) from the University of Ilorin is a 300 level student of History and International Studies who is greatly fascinated by the intricacies of the world and its elements.

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