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The Game They Play || by Chukwuebuka Aninze

SPECIMEN X CROUCHED BEHIND the toughened glass wall. Balls of red hot iron spilled from his mouth like molten magma. His eyes turned red and his skin glowed with a hellish light. 
    Dr. Farad frowned, rising to his feet. His eyes pulled wide, mouth agape. He looked at Dr. Spencer. "What's going on?" He set down the tea mug and picked up a key from his desk. 
     "What are you talking about?" Dr. Spencer said, unconcerned, tearing his gaze from Specimen X and squaring it on Dr. Farad. "Wasn't all of this your idea?" 
     "What do you mean, my idea? You and I signed off…”
    Dr. Spencer frowned, his heart beating faster, but he kept his voice steady. "Like you didn't realise what Uranium 238 does to a chromosome? Oh, but I see. You intend to lock me in here with this monster you've built so you can take credit for all we've worked for?"
     Dr. Farad bolted but Dr. Spencer made it through the door first, banging it shut and locking it with the spare.
     He heard the crash, the scream. And he watched Dr. Farad’s face, which was framed in the tiny window of the door, melt down.

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CHUKWUEBUKA HARRISON ANINZE is a Medical Laboratory Scientist who likes to think himself a writing freak. He is writing from Enugu, Nigeria. 
     He has written a whole lot of well meaning short stories and flash fictions. His works, By Yourself, Let Him Sleep Forever, and Tamed by the Gods have appeared on Fiery Scribe Review.
     He is the first winner of the Writer's Academy fiction contest. Romance and Thriller are the two genres he readily finds home with. He counts it an honor helping young writers carve a niche for themselves. 
     If he's not writing or reading, he will definitely be playing video game.

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