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The Night is Still Young || by Ayodeji Alo

under a black scaled tree
whose leaves shiver, fall
     and rustle
in tonight's billowing wind
    The crickets
    chirp, chirp
calling out into the silence
  their long-lost love.

The roses ceased drinking 
And are withered and brown
Their bent forms just scenting 
like the tears of a clown

   It seems like yesterday
when you were wrapped
in my arms, under a blooming tree
      this same tree, 
and the red roses gave off
their strawberry fragrance 
the birds in duos tweeted melodies 
     like a playing flute, 

 your brown skin glistened
     like a million fireflies
I gazed into your coffee eyes 
  our eyes interlocked
 our smiles of one accord
 and our lips got dancing
 in the caressing breeze

but you fell like one of these leaves
      rustled in the wind
   You didn't get to see the tree 
        grow wrinkles
   Now my only companion is the
    cold hands of the

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ALO AYODEJI is an ambitious poet who aims at being prolific.
    He writes from the sururb of Lagos, in Nigeria, and studied Architecture at the Federal University of Technology Akure.
    He hopes to leave his word prints on the sands of time as The Drained Brain and I Died Not, his published pieces are leading the pace
    He loves music and His Maker, when not writing he can be found reading, and learning new things.

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