Out of Order || by Joe Ray W

by Joe Ray W

THE OUT OF ORDER toilet note had been stuck to the door longer than anyone knew. Colleagues told me it was haunted, the cleaners told me it would be sorted, and my manager said get back to work. 

I sat on a neighbouring toilet, pressing my ear against the partition. I could hear tapping. Tap, tap, groan. Someone was in there.

I took a gulp as I disregarded the message and kicked the door open. A man was sat typing away behind a desk, using the toilet as his chair.

"Did you not read the sign?"

Rent free toilet space. 

Image Credit: ©1stDibs



A writer of objects brought to life, in hopes of understanding himself and others. Joe regularly updates his blog at channelstatic.wordpress.com, and has recently written about his own personal struggles due to his disability for a SICK AF feature at clarrisaexplainsfa.com. Twitter @joerayw

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