Unworthy || by Light Mark

by Light Mark

At puberty, flowers bloom around a boy's phallus to mark the end of rainbows & cuddles. Flowers are metaphors hypothesizing the benevolence of the sun. In another news, the sun is the scorching, tyrannical father always in competition with his clueless sons.  

It is written, "booming boys are easy targets". They are too ignorant to read roadsigns engraved in stars, they are blind to the violation ahead.

At noon, you'll realize bowling is God's favorite sport. He throws a blackening thought against a gang of boys expecting them to stand still in the face of temptation.

If they do, he then plays javelin with their dreams—throwing too far for comfort. When the search is over, the boys find a spear and chirping crickets.

Adulthood is a naive woman gifting a boy with a forbidden fruit, then the curse of nakedness and eventual exile. It is no news that, Adam will always be in search for something—himself, a rib or a garden far from the eyes of a ruthless God.


LIGHT MARK is a Nigerian writer, a lover of poetry and student of Dr. Jordan Peterson.
He is intrigued by the human condition and is always in a quest to understand the nuances that exist within relationships.
Light Mark lives in Uyo with his friends and lover. He is a pioneer poet within the University of Uyo poetry community and he hopes to the official Poet Laureate of his state.

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