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Late Night Driving || Rachael Hill

by Rachael Hill

Heavy quiet of the deep night

hangs around me, do not disturb;

I ease the wheels over the kerb,

gently push into the streetlight’s

glow, and go; fast wheels, cold hands tight

against the steering wheel, I feel

like a stolen moment, unreal

like a blurred dream, and dark scatters

making patterns with the splatters

of my headlights; I grip the wheel. 

Image Credit: iStockPhoto


Rachael Hill is a Manchester based poet and fiction writer, currently studying Creative Writing at Manchester Met. Her poetry has appeared in The Friends of the Dymock Poets Journal and Gloucestershire University's 2020 anthology, and been shortlisted for The Fish Poetry Prize. Her short fiction has appeared in Fresher Publishing's 2021 anthology, and been longlisted for The Alpine Fellowship Prize, The Bournemouth Writing Prize, and The Hastings Writers Room Short Story Prize. When not immersed in words she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and exploring.


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