I Am a Boy || Ozota Gerald Obinna



by Ozota Gerald Obinna

I grew up a boy (or maybe not)

so I know how hard it is to carry an identity;

especially one your father is afraid of

we often carry our father’s sins like malediction

and go outside just to breath

this isn’t exorcism, a boy is just manning

I have heard somewhere of sons that didn’t grow

and of men that stayed too long in boyhood

in my dialect there is no word for it

but it is something no man is proud of

father said he loved old times when there

wasn’t much phobias and shaming

I love it to

but a pronoun shouldn’t become a verb synonymous

to blood bath.

a boy shouldn’t be a slain lamb to his identity.

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OZOTA GERALD OBINNA writes from a Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, He listens to  Brymo Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ whenever he is breathing. He has works published or forthcoming in Kalahari review, Amphora magazine, Shallow Tales Review, Rising Phoenix Review, Praxis magazine, Ngiga Review, Grand Little Things, and many notable prints.


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