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Ode to a Dark Night Split Open by a Moonbeam || William Bortz


by William Bortz

paint my lips with yours
like there is no god worth fearing

press me close
like the god worth fearing turned away

how can a language define something as a weapon
and another define it as an answer


William Bortz is a husband, poet, writer, and editor living in Des Moines, IA. He currently is a volunteer curator for Button Poetry and volunteer reader at Longleaf Review. His work has appeared in Ghost City Press, Oxidant Engine, Okay Donkey, Empty Mirror, Turnpike Magazine, and others. He has done writing and editing for different works through Waterbury Publications for Hometown Cooking, National Geographic, Whole30, The Smithsonian, and others. William has self-published two books of poetry, Lately, I’ve been Drinking Alone (2014) and Shards (2018); and a chapbook, The Sky Grew Back with Clouds (2018). William’s next book of poetry, The Grief We’re Given, will be published through Central Avenue Press on February 2, 2021. Please talk to me about basketball or music.

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