Pavement Pity Party || Nia Harries



by Nia Harries

I remember when

you cut my heart in two 

with your tongue.

Words lashing 

in drunken haste, but

there was no repenting

at leisure later.

I remember the feel

of the concrete 

as I sunk onto the

sodden street,

tears mingling

with the rain

like some cliché 

chick flick moment.

I remember you 

shouting at me

to get up, not 

make a scene. 

As you threw

your hands in the air,

turned your back

to me and walked away, 

the deluge came,

and how I didn't 

drown I'm not sure.

Image Credit: TrekEarth


Originally from rural Wales, Nia has lived in East Yorkshire the past 6 years. A single mother and occasional blogger, her self-published collection ‘Walking through the shadows’ was published in 2017 and she is working on her next collection. She has featured in The High Wolds Poetry Festival and accompanying collections, The Amphibian Literary Journal, Delicate Emissions, Noctivagant Press, Discretionary Love, and will feature in Boats Against the Current and also Sunday Morning at the River’s next anthology later this year.

Social Media handles: - Blog- Twitter: @niaharries1  Instagram:@realniaharries 


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