All We Are || Jean Buie


by Jean Buie

Once, my name on your lips turned me into liquid. Soft flowing mercury-limbed, I would stretch myself over you cat-like, feel my hip bones against your hip bones as they struck like matches igniting me, you, us. Our tongues travelling languid and swollen tasting the salt that seasoned the meal we made of each other. 

Now, that earth is parched and tongues sharp and my name is shards of glass on your lips bleeding me, a thousand tiny cuts as you strike and strike again, and I turn to dust in your hands waiting for the wind to release me.


JEAN BUIE (she/her) is a lawyer and adjudicator by trade. She has always written but began to do so more earnestly a few years ago, first focusing on short stories and then attempting a novel. She's recently fallen into Flash fiction and thinks she's in love! Her flash fiction piece "Freedom Fighting for the Modern Woman" was included in eSpec Books 2016 In A Flash, Flash Fiction Anthology. Her essay, “Why I went back to school as a single mother” was published in Chatelaine’s online magazine in 2017. Jean lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her family and her dog, Grimm.

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