Through the Horizon || Agboola Tariq A.



Through the Horizon

by Agboola Tariq A.

the dead become undead when the day dies, so i 

learn to see better in the dark.

It's eight-thirty a.m.

i walk into a room, empty of your body, full of 

your spirit. the paintings on the wall, a thread of 

memories lining into each corner. i try to decipher 

the paintings with my hands, to reach through 

each canvass.   to reach through.  to reach you.

to speak to the dead, one has to understand the 

language of silence, an horizon of breath & death. 

i inhale the dark to contain you in the aura of my 

body, holding my breath for as long as i 

can, not wanting to lose you. again./   & now, i no 

longer fear the nights, that is to say, i have learnt 

to accompany myself in loneliness & hold you in 

the complexion of my body,   in my memory, as the 

night holds darkness. 

i feel the dark unravel around me. your spirit 

disappearing into my shadow, wearing you into my 

being. i teach myself to be you— to let go like you did, so,

i walk out leaving the door open/     for you to come through.

Agboola Tariq A. is an unfolding poet from Western Nigeria & a student of law in the University of Ibadan. He explores in his writings, self/ identity, vivid imaginations etc. Some of his works are forthcoming/in IceFloe Press, Hellebore, Verum Literary Press, etc. he tweets: @Agboola_Tariq_A


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