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ELISHA OLUYEMI is a Lagos-based writer, fiction manuscript editor, and graphics designer from Nigeria, where he currently majors in English Language. He's the founder of and Editor-in-Chief at Fiery Scribe Review, a literary magazine; he is also the founder of Fiery Fiction Writers Alliance (FIFWA), an online writing community. He has contributed short stories and poems to literary journals including Brittle Paper, Kalahari Review, African Writer Magazine, Sledgehammer Lit, Mystery Journal, Adoxography, The Shallow Tales Review, Paracosm Literary Journal, Arts Lounge and many others. He won the 1st runner-up prize for Shuzia Prose Contest, themed The Verdict, and he has a psychological thriller in PROFWIC Crime Fiction Anthology Vol. 1, Nightshade.

Elisha is a Korean language addict and a big fan of classical music. Follow him on Twitter at @ylisha_cs ; Instagram @_lishakim ; LinkedIn @Elisha Oluyemi ; and Facebook @Elisha Oluyemi. And read his works via

Poetry Editor

ARIYO AHMAD is a Nigerian poet. He hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. He has poems graciously published in Kalahari Review, Iman collective, Native skin lit Mag, Rigorous, Ngiga review, Ninsha Art, Ebo Quills, Mixed Magazine, African Writers Magazine, Upwrite Magazine, Words and Whispers journals, Nymphs Magazine, Madness Muse Magazine, among others.

He is a contributor to the Boys Are Not Stone Anthology, Litlight Nigeria Anthology, and others. When he is not writing, he finds himself relishing Khalil Gibran's poem and tweeting @ahmad_akanni.

Prose Editor

OLAYINKA A. YAQUB's love for stories and storytelling was born through years of listening to folktales told in the moonlight. Now, he is a Lagos-based Nigerian writer, an avid reader who's always on the lookout for new and exciting voices, amongst many other things. His publications include flash fictions and short stories featured in magazines issues and an anthology. He's also a proud contributor to Writers Space Africa literary magazine. He tweets @olayinka_yaqub