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White Water & Euridice, Looking Back || by Archer Lundy


Three-legged fear, are you

the she-wolf slouching

at my door? Maimed

and maiming? This morning

I could smell your breath, hear

your jaw lipping the scruff.

But what harrows me most?

Mutilation      death

          or                        .

Does anyone


through the night?

               I dream always

about him

the boy of my dreams.

                           Wake up



I always worry about

the wrong things: de-

fenestration, vampires,

                  my overbite.

                           Some mornings

I ask

for what I want.

Coffee in bed

a bouquet of tulips

a published poem.

At the margin

       on the verge

of something

intemperate that

feels like prayer

we can be safe only

if I perform

three impossible tasks.

Or bind you with a spell.

Mid-June, the northern tributaries 

are fast, fanged.  White

                               capped. rapacious.

               One bar

               of service.

               How long

            will you be gone?



You couldn’t stop showing off, could you,

Orfeo? They fell

all over you, fell for you and your magic

fingers plucking,

strumming, coaxing, teasing. When you

thought I was playing

hard to get you were bitten, you ached for

me, moved heaven

and hell to wed me. Listen, Orfeo, you

were never my choice. So

caught up in your melody you failed to see

that I was different

from the others, not a maiden among

maidens, but a maiden

who loved maidens, one in particular.

Remember that day when

you thought I was lost? I was with her

among the foxgloves,

forget-me-nots. I fell hard, smitten by the

goddess, her golden tongue.

My so-called death was a way down and a

way out. But you couldn’t

leave well enough alone, and when you

came calling, my name on your lips,

you misunderstood. I wanted you to turn,

to look back, for

the first and final time, I wanted you to see

me—then to let me go.


ARCHER LUNDY (aka Anne Archer) is a musician and poet who is reinventing herself. Her 2021 publications include 3 poems in Entropy Magazine (11 January) and 'Danby Lake' in The Eunoia Review (25 May). 'Admit Darius' is scheduled tp appear in Sledgehammer Lit this coming August, and 'Mad Men' has been accepted for publication by In The Mood (Fall, 2021).


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