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I am a Lover || by Anastasia Ugwu

SANDRA STRUTS DOWN THE aisle with that look on her face. Satisfaction. Guided by her dad, she pitches her entire focus on one—and on one person alone, that man. The man, according to her, who's stolen her heart and has replaced it with something much more precious. The man who tampered with her sensibility, bringing about a lovesick, utterly besotted Sandra. 

    Just with everyone else present, I should be beaming…

     Instead, my lips tremble from caged emotions. And my eyes sting, a sign that tears are one step away. 

     Sandra soon makes it to the altar. There, she faces Gozie. Looking all embellished—just the way a bride should be. 

     I can't tell the look on Gozie's face, as he has his back to me. But I know, judging from Sandra's mien, that he must be smiling. 

     My poor heart.

     The priest goes on to administer the vows… Then… then came the climax.

     "If there's anyone here who disapproves of this union, let him speak now or forever remain silent."

     Tick. Tock.

     Gozie drifts a squint across the congregation, till he finds me. He gives me a glance—a hint of urgency embedded in it. And this is where the smile appears.

     Only a local mistress would betray her lover. I'm no local mistress. 

     I'm a lover.


ANASTASIA UGWU is a young writer with a fierce passion for mystery and thriller. She's an undergraduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and majors in Physiotherapy.

Coupled with that, she's an enthusiast of African genre fiction. She hopes that aspect of literature will see the light of the day in Africa. 

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