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Two Poems || by Adeola Wasiu


Dumped in the waste bin/
Amidst the filthy garbages/
Disposed like an egg timber/
Boiled with happiness
Yet, rejected by the tongue.

In the middle of the night a little girl cried
Gazing at the mercifully eyes of the sky 
Bright starlight visit the earth_
And feeds the sight of a hopeless bird/
Like mama petting her little princess.

Gone was the night so swiftly,
The day break hard in hands of a yellow sun/
Beating her succulent yolky flesh
Wail of an hopeless child summoned/
The eyes of God_
And mantle a melanise cloud shielding
The little bird from rays & pain.

Breeding like a little crop planted by riverside,
Wetting everyday & night; the hands of the sea.
Fed by the stranger a negro woman to be precised,
I know not her name; maybe a kind witch-craft living in night? 
Her words are strong & audible like a sermon of a ghost,

Her eyes are red like a crimson cloud,
She feeds me with her feather_
And bid me a goodnight smile.

I hope to live now, where I was born/
For every wishes come true when I asked,
Why living amidst the crowd? So wicked they are.
I'm happy here, for I'm a survivor

But, I wish I could see the wicked eyes of my mother one day, and thank her with a smile. Maybe a little teardrops too!


Last night I heard a humming voice/
Communicating with the swarthy cloud/
Synthesized with pain and agony rhymes
Like a threnody dancing by the dead.
Dropped in her eyes a priceless teardrop 
And bounced on the earth pulverized to the air.
The sky is angry with the mother earth
I thought, the eyes of a woman firing the sky.

Today! Like every nights 
The same demon visited her house again
With a dagger pointed at a pregnant women/
Like a surgeon ready for a Caesarian section/

A loud scream stroke the air_
The roars of pain frightened the heavy clouds
And thunderstorm land rumbling over the earth
Like a massive cloud bursting raindrops/
For the crawl of a mother summons the gods/ 
Vanished, as the monster lost his sights.
A little snowflake fell before her the dew of a feet thumbs/
And wiped away, her undried tears.
Tears and smile rejoices in beach of oesophagus lake/
I'm the shades of her forsaken hope.


ADEOLA W. OLASUNKANMI is a Nigeria-based writer who lives in Ibadan, Oyo state. He's a profound writer who journeys beyond life to inspire others with his thoughts.
He has a recently published work, The Riddles of Life, in the Indian Feminist Review, and another, I and My Shadow, to be published by Tealight Press.  
When he's not writting, he's probably listening to inspirational songs or reading on his growth.

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