Recipe for Disaster || by Nadia Khalil


I tried to make a meal out of the rechauffe my life became so


I picked a pot whose lid trembles with the force of my sorrows as I stand blinded by the tears that lay agonizingly in my eyes’ bed


Emptied my lies out into a bowl and added a pinch of misery as I whisk and watch them disappear into a smooth batter 


Add two cups water and stir away the anxiety that fights a losing battle with hope as my reality take a turn for the worse 


cut open an olive whose insides feel as raw as a flesh a wound instilled by the desire that has me crawling back to the pit of despair unabashedly 


Preheat an oven to 350 degrees and sprinkle depression as a final touch bake on a medium and taste the aroma of doubt worship the air 

— My redemption became the oil that sizzles 

on a pan as fear swallows me whole and you watch me drown in the pool of my transgressions 


NADIA KHALIL is a graduate of Political Science and International Relations. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sudan and a Master’s degree in Cyprus. She dabbles in poetry ranging from pain and loss to love. She’s an emerging poet whose work has appeared in Ninshar Arts, She enjoys a writing challenge and hopes to contribute a greatly to poetry communities.


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