Emancipation of Pride || Frank Njugi



by Frank Njugi

About the ‘Blues’ at first light / With the mist at dawn/
This, an awakening of sorts / His, a story turning to one 
of manumission / Today remains the D-day / The next
moments--- A forthcoming restoration.......

The birds chirp declaringly / The early risers passing him with
fine haste / The ‘ Dead to the world’ see a plague manifesting/
The said ‘woke’ look with unwarranted pity / But this today truly
remains a reckoning-------A step from the confining gloom........

The colours of pride now a rabble in his mind / His existence
having been an unfaltering discord / Is this right--- Is this
wrong / Is the world ready---- Is it not / Today ; an
impending revelation----All not for him but also to those he
calls his people..........

His midriff top signifies a confrontation with the norm / His
dress, a form of resistance / On his eyes the shades shield
their scorn / The lavaliere he so proudly dons shouts to the
world / Today he tells a story------Today he tempts

The further he walks ---- The deeper into his revivification /
The looks of pity slowly turning into wrath ...he knows what
is coming / This, a type of metempsychosis with a huge price/
His liberation ----This descension into his identity / The
price of pride ----The huge cost of his emancipation........


FRANK NJUGI is a Kenyan poet, writer ands based in Nairobi, Kenya. Some of his work has appeared on Kalahari Review, AfroRep , Writers space Africa (Poetic Africa), Zeitgeistpulse of Culture and Is forthcoming in others. He is a recent university graduate of liberal arts ( international relations and diplomacy) and aims to undertake an MFA program in the near future. He goes as @Franknjugi on all platforms.

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