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Waning || Sadiq Abdulsalam

by Sadiq Abdulsalam

last night, i caught a silver-grey strand of hair lodged in the bristles of my hairbrush, i tried not to think too much about it. i have so much to do, so, so much... 

in the morning the principal at my boy's school left me a text, "his grades are falling, please talk to him" so much to do, so much...

my therapist says i churn out poems at a prolific rate when i am stressed as a coping mechanism, honest to God, i am usually just trying to breathe. O God, so much to do... 

i think you start to grow old when everything you used to enjoy becomes a luxury. i used to collect cowries from a beach and thread them together to form love bracelets. so much.. ahh.  

Papa was a man of idioms and proverbs, he would say that you knew a man's age by the depth of his debts, last wednesday, i signed off my inheritance as collateral for a bank loan. too much...

that single silver strand bothered me a great deal at work, in the evening I went for a walk, on my way back home, I noticed the sun slinking away, 

a streak of lilac left in the ruins of the evening sky, reminding me that everyone runs out of time anyway.


SADIQ ABDULSALAM ADEIZA is a writer and poet from Okene, Nigeria. He is also a Medical student at the University of Ilorin. 

Some of his writings have been published in or are forthcoming in Kalahari Review, Ice Floe Press, Praxis Magazine, The Shallow Tales Review, Lunette Review, Feral: A journal of poetry and art (Best of the Net Nominee 2021), POEMIFY and elsewhere.

He works to promote literature in his own capacity and free time.

You can find him on Twitter/Medium: @SAAdeiza


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