Two Poems || Camille Daytona

by Camille Daytona


sometimes I think up names: Mia,

Scarlett, Sam.

but I will stay a childless mother—

better than a motherless child.

my current lover has no sense of smell,

which he did not choose, but with his

bold and able mind he did choose this:

to never reproduce.

I don’t know yet if his body is 

supposed to be my pillow.

there is a very specific way

a head fits in a shoulder notch.

a fist fits in a fist.


my Mia would be crooked and tall,

an unapologetic star. she would be so tired

constantly having to shake the crumbs of her mother’s

life off her sheets.


a sleepyhead may give a woman such a look,

the look of slight disinterest that some men

perceive to be sexy. lucky me,

lucky pageant horse,

bows on my braided manes,

standing so still, inspected,

no rearing, no jumping through hoops, 

no nothing.


spring clean

dedicated to j.s.

I put things back in order:

my skirts sorted by hue. 

your clouds next to mine, yours are more aggressive,

but you are not the aggressor, 

you are not the ballfisted

beast in this story, not who I made you out to be.

train tickets in the trash, the cat food with the scoop,

the pill closet stays closed.

I thought to leave the city, the same but somewhere else,

same coffee, same joints cracking. 

jack stauber said that today, today / is one of those

days / stuck between

yesterday and tomorrow, 

and I don’t need to know his face to love him. 

I don’t need a hand that pinches, 

I need the limpest of hands on top of mine,

no cracking, no urge, no clouds,

only the broadness of time 

and the hand of my beautiful beast declawing.

my purring, snoring 

clump of a beast.


CAMILLE DAYTONA (°1997, Belgium) is a crip poet and visual artist, currently finishing her master degree in painting at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent. In 2019 she self-published ‘Fruitful Foster Parent of Foreign Feelings’, a chapbook consisting of poems and and drawings, as part of the graduation project of her bachelor studies in fine arts. She has not been published by a publisher to date, but has participated in several poetry readings in Ghent and Mechelen, Belgium.





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