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Losing Eden || Swapna Sanchita


by Swapna Sanchita

Last year, she told me,

“Mia, do you know I can fly?” 

Her eyes sparkled, naughtily,

full of that uniquely exuberant shine

that comes from innocence,

and the naivety of youth. 

She’d come to me running, excitedly

Like a discoverer of magic, wondrous.

Fascinated by the radiating joy in her words,

I wrote pages and pages that night. 

Weaving words into adventurous tales

I could; because I knew a girl could fly. 

Her secret knowledge lent me wings

And let me flutter, let me leave the ground

I soared, I wasn’t me, I was another,

I had forgotten for the moment about gravity

And how it keeps us earthbound,

But today, I am aware again, all-knowing

Today, the weight of the world is heavy

As if it will always keep me pinned 

Rooted, always aground…

Because yesterday she looked out of car window

And asked me, softly, in a quiet grown-up voice,

“Mia, how can I fly?”



SWAPNA SANCHITA is a poet, a storyteller and an educator who studied engineering before obtaining a degree in management. She has been published in International literary magazines and anthologies. Her poetry collection Des Vu was an Amazon Bestseller and won awards. Her children's books have received a lot of love from her young readers. She lives in Ranchi, India with her husband and two sons.


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