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Preoccupation || Vicky MacDonald Harris


Your hand twitched past mine
as we walked through the cemetery
looking at roses and the future
as the doves convened their mourning.
When we sat, on the hard wooden bench,
your thigh grazed mine
and we spoke of the days to come
while the squirrels dug deep finding their past
effort. When I finally took your hand
and we slung our fingers around each other,
I knew that I would know you forever.

Image Credit: Paula Baader


Vicky MacDonald Harris’ poems reside in the NaPoChapBook Collection, The Lincoln Underground, Tiny Poems, Two Cities Review, Poets and Artists, Hobble Creek Review, the24project, and in Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants Tumblr. Her poem, “Disaster Capitalism,” is in The Flat Water Stirs: An Anthology of Emerging Nebraska Poets in 2017. Another poem is forthcoming in Janus Literary in June 2022.


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