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Baptism || Mitt Ann

by Mitt Ann


There, down, as the evangelists scratch gold, on the East Coast beach

by the breasts of sand, among sea-salt waters; scratch and weed:

money is paper, and bible is paper; all and each;

why believe one or the other? All, we, coast through St. Pete.

I look up and must say the ashen skies seem polyester-ripped

as like a starving dog who hates his cushion; ashen clouds

until the wind exhaled, a bloated breath of tarnished gold, lit

            money and bible, to tithe weekly, offerings melt

what Jesus heals, money restores – it is a miraculous seed

            (for) believers still baptize with salt for their ulcered deeds

O how, I notice brass-like debris walk on the East Coast sea

            and the waters do not wash what your trousers hid

If between the golden fickle of the candle,

and the baptism of the sea-salt water,

how should a man choose one or the other?

[1] CF. Derek Walcott’s “A City’s Death by Fire”, “As John to Patmos”, “Prelude”


MITT ANN is a writer based in Singapore. Influenced by T. S. Eliot, Derek Walcott and Marianne Moore, his poetry has been published in various literary journals in Asia.  His works can be found on


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