Three Poems || Bailey Loveless


by Bailey Loveless


I must have done something wrong with my cottage in the woods.


For instead of fair winged fairies, there’s a goblin in my garden.

Her hair is wild and uncombed,

Her nails dirty, her denim shredded.

She hoards all the mushrooms and she’s covered in sweat.

But her pointy teeth smile and she says

she is happy.


Come down, way down to the garden, she says, with the dirt, and the worms, and the microbes.

Remember the time when men truly were made of mud.



Hey, has anyone checked in on Atlas lately?


I meant to bring him dinner,

but it sort of slipped my mind.

He thinks he might have arthritis.

Last we spoke, he complained

of burning shoulders,

of tired aches in all his joints.

You forgot to see him too?

Do you think we should hire out,

look into some geriatric care?


4.5 billion years is a long time

to keep it all together.



Dear beloved earthly mother,


Thank you for this day.

Thank you for all the many blessings you have given us.

Please bless our home and shelter that it may hold us safely.

Please bless the dirt that it will nourish and strengthen our food.

Please bless the air we breathe that it might be purified.

In the name of the flowers, and the birds, and the human spirit,



BAILEY lives in between the land and the sea, writing weird, emotive tales about animals, monsters, the feminine, the sublime, and the strangest of all creatures, mankind. She writes and performs Gabriela & The Inn Between, a scripted fiction podcast. Keep up with her and her work on Twitter, Instagram, or at



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