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Maple People || Frank Brunner


by Frank Brunner

You like to tap a tree right when it wakes,

as March disrobes the woods, summer all day,

regret all night, when old bark breaks new cracks

and the fevered hot-cold-dark-light pumps the sap–

Just so, schools try to tap the kids who grow

the sweetest. Teachers pick those burned at home

and cooled in class. When all the kids are sitting                              

still as maples, plastic tubes draw out                                    

what the world needs, or needs kids not to have.

Image Credit: Pexels

Frank Brunner teaches high school physics in the Adirondack Mountains, where he lives with his wife, children, and a giant Newfoundland dog. The Newfie occasionally joins Frank in the classroom to help demonstrate inertia. Unlike Byron, Frank has never substituted a bear for his Newfie and terrorized the campus.


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