Ode to a Dying Leaf || Sean Smith



by Sean Smith

I squint into the early morning sun

As the windscreen slowly clears

And the frost sparkles on the uneven footpath

The little leaf curled up, foetus-like to ward off the chill 

that has already caused them to fall.

Too little, too late

They will never fly back up to the tree.

In a few months new buds will spring

Then green will sprout and grow and live again

Then fall again and curl up again 

to forever sleep 

on the ground outside my house 

While I wait in the car for the windscreen to clear.

Image Credit: RoundGlass Sustain

Sean Smith is a writer and poet from County Derry in Northern Ireland. He has been published in various presses, including most recently Roi Fainéant Press and Orchard Lea Books. He has recently completed a degree in English Literature at Ulster University. 


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