Here I Am– Riding My Pen Back to the Tail Of Times... || Psalmuel Benjamin

by Psalmuel Benjamin

Here I Am– Riding My Pen Back to the Tail of Times—Revisiting Those Days That Were Older Than I.

Time/ here/ is a mirror/– ricocheting to my ripe 

face/ the comfort I pied my tender skin upon/ while

I glued on grandma's back/ like the shell of a snail/–

A mat of rumbled righteousness. 

A boy/ strapped within wrappers/ where witches/

wouldn't wink wickedness like a grenade/ into/ I 

Drove myself into shuteye/ and saw bright darkness/

I lived in a vault of flesh/ as a morsel/ nothing more

spelt bliss like the giant fingers that kept shaping me/

But I didn't know.

I didn't know/ that life is a book/ its pages are the size 

Of the sky/ your sweat is your ink & you are a pen/ I 

Didn't know/ that we/ all/ are writers/ writers of 

Every stones of reality that bruise us/ and every bee 

that stings/ every drip of honey & every drop of leaf

In this round forest. 

I used to be a treasure in her bosom/ with a veil of 

Vague vision/ time/ here/ is a mirror/– showing a

Portrait of me/ jejune in June/– campering at glitters

Of giftings and balloons/ blowing out my worries 

With the dancing fire above the candles/ twenty kids–

Hoping to hop for twenty years. 

Wonders here and there/ how human heaves humans/

How Earth eats/ how days drive in and out/ how a 

Boy/ too/ is a pen/ a poet/ a prophet/ writing himself

Into a fulfilling prophecy.  


Psalmuel Benjamin wcfr. (Word Commander Of The Federal Republic) is a young Christian sentimental scribe of 23 years from Nigeria. A novelist and a spoken word poet. He has written and published a whole lot of poems and other writings. Cc, Agape Review, PAROUSIA, EskimoPie mag, Lion and Lilac, Allegro, Shuf Poetry, Communicators' League, MixedMag, Nanty Greens, Kalahari Review, My Woven Words, Fieryscribe Review, Arts Lounge and others are places where you can find his works. Aside from writing, He draws, paints, teaches, edits videos, and designs graphics. He is the Vice President of the Godly Steps Family. He also made it to the 5th Stage of POF4 (Pen On Fire2021).

Say hi to him on Facebook: Benjamin-psalmuel Oluwasheun. 
Instagram: Psalmuel_benjamin
Twitter: Psalmuelbenjam1



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