Potsherd of Broken Whispers || Olowonjoyin Muhammed



by Olowonjoyin Muhammed


sickening, like the body of a boy, tired as snowfalls

wavering on a precipice of hope with bloodshot eyes 

from the war between his father and chrysanthemum, 

between his heaven and earth. “live, live, live, like the palace

to a king,”  they said, but he wears falling the way 

tired snows wear gravity & the way missiles wear sadism

before shapeshifting terrains into museums of loss. 

Say he plants an hysteria of laughter in his mouth

before he’s told that he’s too pain 

to heal, too sad to suffice, too empty to nurture,

too faulty to repair —

say he buries hibiscuses in his marrows & 

lights glint before they recede back into gloom’s tongue,

He photosynthesizes smiles when

sunrays of god’s impulses tongue his shredding body. 

this is to say, he’s a potsherd of broken whispers glorifying 

himself with the flowers germinating in a pottery

of god’s superiority. 

say it’s sin to pluck a flower from his mouth, &

say it’s blasphemy to ask him how he worships in a body 

that houses yawning dreams, waiting to be put to sleep.

Image Credit: ©Wiktionary


OLOWONJOYIN MUHAMMED SANNI (A-Per-Se), he/him, studies Biochemistry in University of Ilorin. His poems have been published or forthcoming in African Writer Magazine, Words And Whispers, Acropolis Journal, Kreative Diadem, Ice Lolly Review, Ngiga Review, Livina Press, Arts Lounge, Hey! Young Writer, Fiery Scribe Review and elsewhere. He's a workshop student at Polyphony Lit Mag and a poetry reader for The Dodge Magazine. When he's not tracing biochemical pathways, he's either writing, or searching for peace. He tweets @APerSe_  


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