Carinthia in the Summer || Tyrone Jorelle Barrozo



by Tyrone Jorelle Barrozo

Carinthia in the Summer

I can feel your lips upon my cheek,

your hands caressing me gently,

and my auburn hair adorned

with white and lavender daisies.

Under the warmth of the breaching sun,

I feel free with you, lying close 

atop and underneath this Tuscan cover

in a gold-leaf field divorced from reality

where life blooms beneath our feet.

Forget me not nor your lover’s kiss

so that when we depart from this field

the west winds over the calm of Attersee

can bear witness to devotion 

if our intentions are as true as our desires

lest this is adoration amiss.



TYRONE JORELLE BARROZO is a graduate of Towson University. He was a recipient of the Good Contrivance Writing Fellowship in 2020 and published in several online publications such as The Retriever, The Towerlight, and Screen Fervor. In his sleep, he occasionally hears dark forms whispering unspeakable atrocities if he has sugar after midnight.

Find Tyrone via the links below:

Twitter: @AffairsStrictly

Instagram: @T_P_O_S_E



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