KWABAFEST 2023: Celebrating Art as a Multifarious Representation of Human Experience



The second edition of the Kwara Books and Arts Festival (KWABAFEST) aims to surpass the success of its predecessor, themed Stories from Scratch. This year, the festival will delve into art and culture in a way that has never been seen before in Kwara State, Nigeria. Attendees can expect to participate in multicultural discussions and experiences.

KWABAFEST was birthed as a desire to celebrate art and culture, introduce artists to new audiences, and showcase creativity in Kwara state. The maiden edition of the festival was a success because of the state’s yearning for a chance to display what it offers in the artistic sphere. 

The second edition of the festival, themed Transcendence, aims to reach deeper into alien territories of artistic expression within the State. Transcendence, as the theme, reflects the festival's ambition to explore wider perspectives, inviting its audience to appreciate the vibrant fusion of art with other aspects of its society and to be immersed in what it promises.

Art lovers, poets, storytellers, and writers from all over the country will gather for a 3-day festival that combines both in-person and virtual experiences. The festival will feature a variety of curated events, including panel discussions, writing workshops, book readings, an art exhibition, a film screening, and a runway show. An array of artists, literary scholars, and curators will be invited to introduce unconventional expressions of art to the audience.

In anticipation of an exciting celebration of the multi-faceted nature of Art and Culture, KWABAFEST invites you to come along on this art-centred journey that transcends the boundaries of your imagination.

Details about the festival date and venues will be announced soon. In the meantime, to keep up with happenings leading up to the festival, you can follow the official festival pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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