NEW: Our 2024 Best of the Net Nominees


2024 Best of the Net (BOTN) Anthology

We're excited to announce our nominees for the 2024 (BOTN) Best of the Net Anthology! Congratulations and good luck to them.


1. Flowers, Scars, Dust || Muhammad Olowonjoyin (Issue 3) 

2. This is How an African Grieves || Olusoji Obebe

3. Scattered || Devika Mathur (Issue 3)

4. When You Wish to Save a Life but End up Losing Two || Rasheed Ayinla Shehu (Issue 4)

5. A Poetry of the Dead & the Dying || Alec Juarez

6. The Incident || Lisa Thornton


1. Winner's Curse || Nora Sun

2. Beneath the Shadow of a Butterfly || Robert Nazar Arjoyan (Issue 4)

Thank you for your support. We are committed to publishing fresh, bold and exciting voices across the globe. And we will continue to nominate contributors for prizes and global anthologies available to us. 

Submissions are still open for Issue 5. We can't wait to read you.


Elisha Oluyemi,


Fiery Scribe Review.

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