2024 Sprinng Writing Fellowship is Open

Apply to the SprinNG Writing Fellowship 2024

The Sprinng Writing Fellowship is a FREE and intensive 6-week online mentorship program for developing Nigerian, Ghanaian, Liberian, and South African writers with great potential and willingness to learn. The fellowship is only open to writers between ages 18 and 25 who have not published a book (eBook/hardcopy). 

Application opens and closes ​from January 15 to April 15. 

To learn more, visit sprinng.org/writing-fellowship, and to apply, visit tinyurl.com/SprinNGWF24. Please watch this video for tips on submitting a successful application and to hear more about the experiences of our fellows.

This online fellowship focuses on 6 genres of literature: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Book Review, Play/Drama, and Blogging. During the 6 weeks, mentees will be in contact with their mentors, sending them their works and getting reviews and commentaries. The medium of communication between the mentors and mentees throughout this program will be via email, phone calls, WhatsApp, and text messages. In addition, all mentees will be provided weekly airtime during the program.

Hear from a 2023 Fellow:

Every part of the program was thoughtful and thorough. I found feedback polls most thoughtful and engaging. They showed that the Sprinng team cares about each mentee’s welfare. Provisions were also made for mentees to express themselves fully. The weekly airtime sent out to encourage and support us during the program was also thoughtful. 

Uwachukwunenye Princess Anna

Fellowship Timeline:

April 15: Application closes
May 18: Finalists will be notified
May 21: Mentees and mentors will be paired
June 1 – July 15: Fellowship Period

For any inquiries regarding the fellowship, please email contact@sprinng.org.

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