Romanesque || Salvatore Difalco


Credit: Rosie-Lesso/The Collector


by Salvatore Difalco

What am I afraid of? What am I not

admitting to my people? Forget what I said

the other day. I meant nothing

mysterious, something born of night groans.

I move toward a new self,

one polished with stone and well-oiled.

Figures with enormous hats

ask me if I wish to purchase blood.

This morning was water.

The afternoon promises villages of grief.

I am like a Roman river

full of silvery fish and spikes well-submerged.

Believe me when I begin

to pour wine over my head and sing verses.

People glitter as they listen.

I revolve without being swallowed.

Headless father,

I’ve kept you too long in the closet.

Flies swarm, the smell 

blinds me and loosens my teeth.

A church bell rings.

I feel it kick my spine.

Sicilian Canadian poet Salvatore Difalco currently lives in Toronto, Canada. His new book of poems Off Course should be available in early 2025.


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